Melanie was born in Erath, LA in 1966 and attended Delcambre High School, graduating in 1984.  She got married and moved to Chicago, IL, where she had her first born son – Kiley Christopher.  They moved back to Louisiana in 1992, where her and her husband, Corey, reside in Delcambre, LA.  She then had her 2nd son in 1997, Seaver Ray.  

Melanie began her career at McIlhenny Company working in the International Department.  A very exciting position with the opportunity to travel abroad.  She provided customer service needs to all the international distributors of TABASCO Sauce. She was responsible for hospitality events for the international dept, including attending and organizing the British Open each year.

She also worked for 4.5 years at LITE (Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise – the egg that lights up is how everyone knows it) as Facility Director.  She was responsible for maintaining the 70,000 square foot building.

Melanie started at MPW Properties as our Human Resource Manager and Executive Assistant to the owner and landlord, Will Mills III. In late 2017, Melanie began serving as our Property Manager.