Build-to-Suit and Property Development in the Lafayette, LA area

MPW Properties, L.L.C. engages in developing and build-to-suit single tenant and multi-tenant facilities in the Acadiana Area. This may include Industrial buildings, offices buildings or retail buildings. The simplest way to describe this service is that we ensure your desired property is built where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it.



The experts at MPW Properties are professional build-to-suit developers who hold the market knowledge and expertise to help a tenant find a site through site selection based on each tenants specific needs and criteria for location. We will then coordinate and manage the process of determining the appropriate general contractor, architect and civil engineer. Building the optimal team for each project is crucial for developing property for each tenants specific needs, in a timely manner and at a minimized cost.

Since build-to-suit facilities are built by the developer to be leased by the tenant, they require only a modest cash investment from the tenant. This is ideal for business owners looking to make a much lower initial capital investment than what is required for the tenant to develop, finance and manage their own retail, commercial or industrial property.

Build-to-suit offers many benefits to MPW clients:

  • Less capital investment
  • Lower taxable income
  • Access to top-quality commercial real estate experts
  • Control of the site, design, quality and timeframes of their properties

Commercial Real Estate Development

MPW Properties is also a professional real estate development company with experience in commercial land development, residential land development and industrial property development.

Much like build-to-suit projects, real estate developers take on the responsibility of finding the best location, builder, architect and engineering firm for each individual project.

In developing real estate, it is important to work with a strong team of people including architects, leasing agents, engineers, surveyors, city planners inspectors. MPW Properties has the experience and expertise to put together the optimal team for each residential, commercial or industrial real estate development project.

  • Site Selection
  • Land Development
  • Commercial Real Estate Development Project Financing