Why MPW Properties?

by Katie ~ September 30th, 2016. Filed under: Developments, Lafayette News, Local businesses, MPW Properties Blog, Real Estate News.

Of all your choices of Commercial Real Estate Agencies to use in Lafayette, why should you choose us, MPW Properties? I could tell you that we are a locally owned company that has been around for more than 20 years and is still going strong. You might find it interesting to know that we do not only manage 12 commercial buildings around Lafayette, but we also own them. We develop shopping centers. We develop amazing Residential communities. We not only have a presence in Lafayette, but we also develop in other cities such as Orange Beach, Alabama. Did you know that we can offer you a vacation rental in California; in Alabama? I can recite our resume to you until I am blue in the face, but does it really help you decide that we are the ones to help you find what you are looking for? Probably not. How about I just tell you that we are a small company that has absolutely nothing better to do with our day than to help you find the exact office or retail suite that you could not find with anyone else. We will return your calls. We will return your emails. We will schedule tour after tour of properties until we get it right. We will help you sell, we will help you lease, and we will help you buy. You are the only reason for our work and you are worth every single minute of our time. So just know that we are here, waiting, for the opportunity to work for you and with you…Always.