What to Look for in Office Space

by Katie ~ September 29th, 2017. Filed under: Local businesses, MPW Properties Blog, Real Estate News.

Need Office Space? 10 Rental questions to ask yourself and you Realtor

Are you currently, or perhaps in the near future, looking for an office space? This process can be a bit overwhelming at times, but if you get a hold on the criteria you want, it can be really fun!
Take a few minutes to sit down and create this easy list and ask yourself a few of these simple questions that will make the process a whole lot easier!

1) Location- What area of your city do you prefer for your business? Some people may not have a preference, others may!
2) Public Transport and hotels- This goes along with location. Do your clients or even some employees arrive at your office via public transport? Does the office need to be near a major bus route, train station etc.?
3) Property type- Are you looking strictly for a medical office, an executive suite, traditional/professional office, an open floor plan for cubicles, etc.?
4) Price/budget? Look at your budget and get a price per square foot you are willing to spend. STICK TO IT!
5) Car parking- Do you need an abundance of spaces to park for clients/employees? Factor this in.
6) Facilities- Do you need a reception area, conference room, kitchen, and-or break room/lounge?
7) Lease terms- How long are you willing to sign for? Most places will do a 1 year minimum. If you sign a longer lease, will your landlord allow you to move into a different space within their portfolio should you outgrow your space or need to downsize?
8) Size- how large or small of a space do you need? Ask your landlord about moving in the future (see question in #7)
9) Utilities- Do you want to pay for your own utilities? There are benefits to both options. Some buildings may shut their AC down at 5 o clock and leave it off over the weekend, but you are not dealing with the bills!
10) 24 hour access- Do you need 24 hour access to your office. Most landlords give you a building key, but just double check!

Looking in the Lafayette area? Call MPW Properties today to ask these questions. With such a variety of office spaces in our portfolio, we will find the right office for your business.